36 Countries With Which Canada Has Bilateral Agreements

Canada is consistently referred to as a trading nation, with total trade accounting for more than two-thirds of its GDP (the second highest level in the G7 after Germany). [1] [2] Of this total, about 75% are treated with countries that are part of free trade agreements with Canada, particularly with the United States, on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). [3] At the end of 2014, Canadian bilateral trade reached $1 trillion for the first time. [4] List of agreements between two states, two blocs or one bloc and one state. Learn more about Canada`s trade and investment agreements: types of contracts and how trade and investment agreements are gradually evolving. Switzerland (which has a customs union with Liechtenstein, sometimes contained in agreements) has concluded bilateral agreements with the following countries and blocs:[41] In certain circumstances, trade negotiations have been concluded with a trading partner, but have not yet been signed or ratified. This means that the negotiations are over, but no part of the agreement is yet in force. The program requirements specific to each country or territory with a bilateral agreement or agreement with the Canadian CEI program are listed below: Note: The French government has set up the Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE) program to enable young French people to gain work experience in an international environment. These young people are attached to international branches and subsidiaries of French companies. The main objective of this program is the professional training of young French performers through an international presence. This allows them to promote their professional development and maintain potential future professional relationships between themselves and the host country. .

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