Program Schedule

2017 program lineup

Month Program Refreshments
January Aviation Film Lissa Smith

EAA video update

Ken Finney

EAA video update

Ken Finney

April Antique Air Tour John G & Andy H
May Arlington Airshow – John Smutny

Dr Ted Inouye – Deputy Regional Flight Surgeon. BasicMed update

Randy Albritton

FATPNW – Brice

Joe Andre and Tom Brown
August Burger Burn – Charlie Cotton memorial flyin – Bring your Airplanes! Burger Burn Potluck

Foreflight – Doug Haughton. Bring your ipad for hands on training.

Louis Gallego
October TBD Erik Mathieson and Ron Smith
November TBD Bernie Sanders
December Christmas Party  Potluck

Refreshments – January 2017 – TBD