Copas Joint Operating Agreement

( Colo. Dis. – Denver Cnty.) – obtained a jury judgment of $97 million (net) in damages on behalf of Antero Resources; the defendants did not supply natural gas under long-term sales contracts that forced Antero to sell the gas at a loss; According to the contracts, Antero had the right to pay damages, but the defendants invoked a case of force majeure; In addition, the defendants filed an action for damages in the amount of US$ 37 million; After two weeks of trial, the jury awarded $97 million (net) in damages to Antero, dismissed the defense against force majeure and rejected the defendants` counter-claims Our team has more than twenty-five years of experience in representing airlines and prosecuting policyholders. Thanks to our experience in representing insurance companies, reinsurance companies and policyholders, we understand the claims process by heart. We help both policyholders and insurers assess coverage, negotiate resulting disputes and resolve unresolved disputes. Our attorneys have defended and/or resolved several oil and gas exploration and production companies in the Texas State Court in various actions filed by non-operational owners of labor interests that are contrary to the treaty in accordance with the COPAS accounting rules of certain joint operating agreements (Colo. Dist. – Denver Cnty. – obtain an arbitral award on behalf of an energy company, upheld by a district court in Denver, Colorado; The claimants were natural gas buyers attempting to negotiate NAESB gas purchase agreements with the energy company; After a final hearing, the arbitration panel rejected the claimants` attempt to replace an alternative index price in the long-term contracts that Bob has always devoted to oil and gas legislation.

For more than 50 years, he has produced securities reports, produced documents on oil and gas exploration and production, and advised clients on a wide range of oil and gas transactions. Its activities include the preparation of contracts, leases, Farmout/Farmin contracts, operating contracts, purchase and sale contracts, easements, gas contracts and other documents relating to oil and gas activities. Bob was one of the first authors of the Prudhoe Bay Unit Agreement and the Unit Operating Agreement, and he is known for publishing numerous articles in which different aspects of the model corporate agreement were discussed. We offer companies exemplary representation in civil proceedings. Our team has earned a reputation for experience and success among our clients. We represent local clients in Texas and Oklahoma, as well as regional and national companies headquartered outside of that region that conduct litigation outside the region and handle U.S. cases in federal and regional courts. Clients benefit from both our experience and our low-cost approach to general litigation. Our primary focus is on dispute resolution to avoid lengthy and excessively costly litigation, but if a solution is not possible, our trial team is ready to prepare for the process at a lower cost. Our team`s experience with the process is varied.

We generally focus on litigation arising from oil and gas companies, but we also have experience in other areas. Other general disputes included: auto dealership litigation, MSA violation, unlawful fact litigation, class actions, enforcement of non-compete and debauchery agreements, environmental litigation, fraudulent inducements and interventions in business relationships, defense of senior executives and directors, contractual disputes, construction disputes, estate/predecessor, trust and estate disputes, insurance and reinsurance, personal injury and medical misconduct, professional services litigation, and collection… amazon greens powder