Semp Learning Agreement Uzh

Faculty and discipline agreements are agreements concluded by the Faculty of Economics or one of its departments with faculties and universities located outside Europe. These offers are awarded exclusively to students of the Faculty of Economics. Contact your home university to find out more about existing cooperation agreements with the University of Zurich. Erasmus/SEMP agreements are usually specialised and are initiated by specialised teachers or coordinators. They establish contact with the desired partner university and negotiate the academic aspects of the agreement as well as the number of exchange places and the level of study. Global Student Experience takes care of the conclusion of the contract below. In addition to exchange opportunities under specialized exchange agreements, it is possible to study at the UZH through a non-technical agreement. This option is available for students in the absence of an exchange agreement in their field. In addition to a credit transfer agreement, semp students must enter into an apprenticeship agreement. Students establish their learning agreement directly in Mobility Online and for the sole purpose of obtaining their scholarship. Information on this subject is available on the UZH Global Student Experience (GSE) website. The UZH maintains bilateral exchange agreements with several European and non-European universities.

These agreements allow students from partner universities to study up to two semesters at UZH. Your preference for a given country or university is essential for the selection of a mobility program or agreement. The Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) is limited to Europe. Bilateral agreements of the university, faculty or department offer the opportunity to apply to partner universities around the world. In the absence of an agreement with your selection school, a stay abroad can also be organized independently. If your home university does not have a program or agreement with the UZH or our faculty, you also have the option to arrange your stay with us as a guest student. Information on self-organised exchanges at uzH is available on the Global Student Experience website. In addition, there are a number of exchange places open to students in all disciplines, which are called non-specialized (“miscellaneous”) agreements. . amazon greens powder