South Sudan September 2018 Peace Agreement

Highlighting the steps that led to the signing of the revitalized agreement to resolve the conflict in South Sudan on 12 September, the Briefingers shared the challenges ahead, with some calling for increased support, while heads of state and government set out on the path to lasting peace. The RTGoNU cabinet will have, as provided for in the agreement, 35 ministers – 20 from the TGoNU in place, nine from the SPLM/A-IO, three from SSOA, two former prisoners and one from the other political parties – and 10 deputy ministers (five from the TGoNU in place, 3 from SPLM/A-IO, one from SSOA and another from other political parties). The reconstituted Parliament is very inflated, with 550 deputies – 332 from the TGoNU in place, 128 from the SPLM/A-IO, 50 from SSOA, 30 from other political parties and 10 former prisoners. The peace agreement was signed in September in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. Although it enjoys regional support, there has been little support from major international powers. Indeed, the agreement provides an opportunity to “turn the page,” said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, as he informed the Council of elements of the Secretary-General`s 90-day progress report on South Sudan (document S/2018/831). The new agreement provides a road map for peace through reform, political transformation, security, development and national reconciliation. However, he expressed concern about the lack of trust among the signatories and the outbreaks of violence that are exacerbating an already serious humanitarian situation. Machar, who is to be reinstated as vice president under the terms of the peace agreement, fled Juba two years ago, pursued by helicopter gunships, when a previous peace deal collapsed following allegations of a coup attempt. In substance and substance, the R-ARCSS is a solid pact, as it contains the procedural, substantive and institutional elements necessary for the establishment of a lasting peace agreement. It is an enabler.

What is needed next is political will and commitment to implement the letter and spirit of the agreement. After its launch in December 2017, the HLRF was able to enable several negotiations over 15 months between President Salva Kiir Mayardits Sudan People`s Liberation Movement and the Army in Government (SPLM/A-IG), Riek Macharny Techarny Dhurgon`s Sudan People`s Liberation Movement and Army in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) and other opposition political parties, which eventually culminated in the R-ARCSS. . . . amazon greens powder