Unregistered Agreement For Sale

In applying the law to the facts of the present case, the Tribunal found that it was clear that physical possession of the property had not been handed over to the applicant at the time of the execution of the documents of 06.08.2013, but that it was therefore not necessary to register it. Consequently, the Court of First Instance was pleased to grant the applicant the specific exemption from a non-registered sales agreement and ordered both parties to execute the sales documents within four weeks. In the case of Surendra Kumar v. Amarjeet Singh and Ors. AIR 2004 Allahabad 335 has decided that unregistered documents of the contract of sale relating to real estate cannot be applied in accordance with the Specific Relief Act. , It is excluded by section 16 of the Specific Relief Act. that the appeal is filed by opponents who refer to an unregistered agreement of Sale.So with respect to this allegation may succeed.

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