Voluntary Agreement Set Top Box

This self-regulation allows industries to achieve ecodesign targets faster or at a lower cost than mandatory requirements. The signatories of the agreement monitor its implementation. The voluntary agreement on the continuous improvement of the energy efficiency of set-top boxes (STB) was adopted in order to promote the improvement of the energy efficiency of PCBs while fostering innovation and competition. Signatories include all major providers of cabling, satellite and telecommunications services, which account for more than 90% of the US pay-TV market, as well as major manufacturers and proponents of energy efficiency. The Energy Ministry welcomed both the initial agreement reached with supporters in 2013 and the extension of the agreement in 2018. The main objective of the agreement on the voluntary agreement on the continuous improvement of the energy efficiency of small network equipment (SNE) is to increase the energy efficiency of devices used to access broadband internet access services for households, while promoting rapid innovation and the timely introduction of new functionalities for consumers. Participants in the agreement include all major Internet service providers and many major manufacturers. These voluntary agreements were developed in coordination with federal and state governments, public services and supporting organizations. Following the success of the STB agreement, CTA and NCTA signed the voluntary agreement in 2015 to continuously improve the energy efficiency of small grid units (SNEs). .

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