What Are Regional Trade Agreements On Agriculture Under Comesa

The mandate of the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture is to promote the development of competitive, sustainable and profitable agriculture and industries that contribute to the economic and social prosperity of COMESA citizens. Coordinate and support the development, harmonization and implementation of agricultural policies, strategies, programs and regulations to promote complementarity and sustainability of national agricultural programs to ensure inclusive agricultural growth and transformation for regional food security, economic development and COMESA integration. The Division of Industry and Agriculture carries out its mandate through the following technical units and bodies: Support efforts to improve regional and global market access and trade, as well as plant and animal health and food safety A specialized agency of COMESA established in accordance with Article 182 of the COMESA Treaty. Its programs aim to promote intra-regional agricultural trade by helping smallholder farmers access markets for agricultural inputs, outputs and finances. • Support efforts to promote sustainable animal production and productivity, value creation and market access in the COMESA region. Support initiatives to promote sustainable industrialization and private sector development in the COMESA region. .

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